1965 Cessna 182H For Sale

1965 Cessna 182H, SN: 18256434
Asking Price: $24,500.00 USD (FIRM)
Current Tach Time: 3,263.7 hours

29SEP2020: This aircraft appears to be complete, and undamaged. Tach time is currently: 3,263.7 hours. After reviewing the log books, we are under the impression that the aircraft last flew towards the end of 1993. The last log book entry is from a radio shop on 29OCT1993. The last entry before that in both the airframe & prop/engine log, and is dated 01OCT1993. That entry states that the tach time is 3,237.7. In that entry, it is noted that cylinders were re-installed, as well as a 9 time prop (which was overhauled 31JAN1992, but no times are listed.) There is no note about the engine installation, but based off of what we see, we are assuming that the engine was also not installed back onto the aircraft until 01OCT1993, meaning we believe it has only approx. 26 hours on it as well. From the logs we have, it appears that this is the original engine, and the total engine time would coincide with the current tack time (3,263.7 hours.) This is not an incident related aircraft, and appears not to have any damage. It does have some moderate corrosion (mostly to skins on fuselage and wings.) Structurally, the aircraft seems to be in pretty good shape. The avionics are old technology. Ideal as a project or parts/donor aircraft.


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September 29, 2020

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