As the global pandemic hit, the airline industry was one of the first casualties. As airlines around the world grounded their fleets because countries imposed strict no-fly policies. Even demand for private and charter flights nosedived. Obviously, with airplanes grounded, the need for service and parts trickled. Depending on which analysts you believe, the repaired, overhauled and serviced parts business dropped more than 85%.

All that’s about to change, and unless you’re preparing for it, you may miss the opportunity of a quick recovery.

Prepare for Takeoff

We now see green shoots beginning to sprout, and demand for local, regional and international flights is gradually resuming. What’s the state of your grounded flights? What plans do you have to move forward with all those repair and maintenance requests that you pushed to the back burner? It’s never too late to start planning – and PowerPacksplus is your perfect partner to help you get your fleet back into the air.

Risk management experts OliverWyman expect a post-COVID recovery spending boom to provide significant boosts to the aviation industry. In particular, the experts expect one segment of the industry, the used serviceable material (USM) market, to grow at an unprecedented 68% PA through 2022. The forecast is for the market to reach a spending level of nearly $8 billion. The used parts alternative market – also known as special repairs (DER) – is expected to see annual growth levels in the 55%-plus range through 2022.

Insuring Your Own Future

When that market opens up, there’ll be a major upsurge in demand for overhauled, repaired, and otherwise serviceable aircraft components. It’s very likely that, as a result of the skyrocketing need for such parts, prices will move higher too, as every available part source will be tapped by deep-pocketed local and regional airlines and aircraft repair shops. Where will that leave you? Your own parts sourcing team may have a challenge finding the right parts to keep your or your client’s planes flying safely.

That’s where our team can help!

If you want to ensure your fleet remains airborne as future demand for air services is about to pick up, then we can help. At PowerPacksPlus, we have an expanding inventory of a backordered, discontinued, re-furbished power packs and other serviceable parts. It matters not whether the aircraft is a Socata, Beechcraft single/multi, Cessna Bellanca, Rockwell or Piper…if no one else can find what you’re looking for, chances are that we either have it in stock, or can get it for you! How can we say that with such certainty? Because we worked hard to build a reliable global network!

We’re Here to Help

We’ve been in the business for a long…long time, cultivating and carefully building our vast national and international network of OEMs and slightly-used parts suppliers. Our team of experts have their fingers on the pulse of the global supply chain, keeping track of what demand is out there, and where there’s supply.

When your in-house team is at their wits end trying to source that one-of-a-kind made-to order component, chances are that we know exactly where there’s someone that has what your planes need to take off. And if your team has parts that have been on backorder for months -with no hope for delivery on the horizon, chances are that we can expedite delivery, either through our extensive in-house parts inventory, or through our own elaborate supplier networks.

If you need powerpacks or other hard-to-source parts and components, then just contact us – we’re here to help!