“Over the years I have used you guys for many things…powerpacks of course (we currently operate 12 aztecs and are looking to take over many more), but also nose gear trunnions, rear spinner bulkheads for duchesses, oil doors for 172s, the list could go on for a very long while. Every time, you have responded promptly and have been able to find what I am looking for at a very good price.”

“I know that Ryan has also helped with this repair and I have dealt with him in the past numerous times. You should both be proud of the way you handle yourselves. There are so many people out there that are just there to clock in and clock out. It is extremely nice to be able to work with a company that is willing to go the extra mile to make their customers not only happy, but successful as well. You are both a pleasure to talk to and to work with.”


Steve Zimmer
Trans Am Aviation Services, Inc.


“It’s been very nice working with you as well. You know, there’s not too many people out there who would try to find a cheaper core to help save us money. I found that to be SO AWESOME! You ROCK! I will be in touch the next time I need something.”


Aeroflight Executive Services
Seattle, WA


“I would just like to say how much I appreciate what you and Dana do for us. Being on the other side of the world, it’s great to have complete confidence in a supplier.”


John A. Elliott
Western Airmotive Pty Ltd.
Jandakot Airport, Western Australia


“You are a star! Thanks so much for the excellent service, Jonathan. Thanks goes to your mum Dana too. You both cannot believe how happy you have made our South African customer. We have given him your contact details for future reference.”


RGV Aviation Limited
Gloucestershire, United Kingdom


“It is been great having you as our supplier since 2007, we haven’t had any complains what so ever with all the parts bought thru you, please keep up as well as we will keep doing business with your company.”


Luis Guerra
President and CEO
AeroSolutions, S.A.


“I want to thank you and the staff of Power Packs Plus, LLC for the superb level of service and support provided during my recent troubleshooting evolution involving the landing gear system on a Piper Arrow aircraft. More importantly, I want to thank you for loaning me a known good lower mounting manifold P/N 96902-000 with which to test and verify the one currently installed in the aforementioned airplane was good.”


Claude E. “Mickey” Dalrymple, Jr.
Maintenance Director
Texarkana Flying Club


“Please pass on my greatest of thanks to everyone at Power Packs Plus for the excellent service and technical help we received. I will definitely be recommending your company to anyone who requires future purchases.”


Gregory Paton, Program Specialist
The Wycombe Air Centre
Booker, Marlow, SL7 3DR


” I just wanted to let you know that Brian has been amazing to work with to find parts. The prices are fair and when I can use you folks I will. Brian deserves a pat on the back…”


Bill Musselman


“Thank you for all the help in finding the hard to get parts. You have made my job so much quicker and almost easy. Both of you always answer the questions and ask the right questions to ensure I always get what I need. You are a great asset for my company. I really appreciate how you go above and beyond for me.”


Larry L. Hansen, Owner
Liberty Aviation LLC
Dickson, TN


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help with our radome. As you know, we had our radome damaged extensively and the options for replacement were very limited. The factory was out of stock and very expensive for the radome.


We contacted your company (Power Pack Plus) when it was recommended to us that you may be able to help us out. You did have a replacement radome in stock and were very knowledgeable as to how these units were fit, set-up and fabricated. Your description of your unit and advice on fitting your unit on our aircraft was outstanding. When it was determined that your unit didn’t fit our aircraft as we hoped it would due to the variations between these radomes, you were very helpful in advising us on getting our radome repaired through your vendor. The vendor’s quality after the unit was returned was simply amazing. The preparation time to apply our aircraft’s paint colors was minimal. The radome cleaned up very well and the advice on the finish installation adjustments again was accurate and easily corrected.


After the radome was painted, we installed a protective radome mask and the fit of the repaired radome and the mask was perfect! The installation of the mask was accomplished in under 30 minutes.


With your help and guidance throughout this project, your company was nothing short of outstanding. Even with the shipping error not attributed to either company, you were right on top of it and helped correct the shipment back to us here in West Bend.


Thank you very much for all your assistance throughout this project. I would highly recommend your company for any future needs by any other company needing assistance.”


Peter T. Hupfer
Director of Maintenance
West Bend Air, Inc.