It’s often said that “Time is money”. And no where is that mantra more precisely applicable than in the aviation industry. With so much tied to time, including take off and landing times, estimated times of arrival (ETA) and departure, and time between maintenance and overhauls, you can’t but help link the financial aspects of those operations to time.

But one area of the aviation business, where time means everything, doesn’t often receive the attention it deserves: Aviation parts and components sourcing!

Only part of the story

If you are in the aviation business, you likely know of the challenges your maintenance crews face sourcing back-ordered, discontinued or made-to-order parts used by your own or customer aircraft or fleet. Typically, though, a sourcing specialist may say: It may be difficult to locate, but give me more time and money and I’ll find us that part.

The underlying connotation is that, given more time to source a hard-to-find component, money will resolve any challenge of difficult to source parts. But, that’s just part of the story. Owners of aviation businesses know that the true cost of locating a hard to find part seldom reflects the price you pay for it. And here’s why:

  • While you may sometimes pay premium rates for a backordered (or discontinued) part, you’ll have spent more than that in terms of the time your staff spent on locating the part
  • No one today – especially staff working in challenging environments – has enough time in the day to do what they must. Like in most fast-paced businesses, the aviation industry also places a premium on scarce time. But we hardly ever factor that into the overall cost of a hard-to-locate part
  • Often, more than just money, time also means opportunity! If your staff weren’t engaged in scouring the internet (and their own supply chain sources) to find that elusive component, assuming other channels delivered the missing part to them, could they have spent that time more productively addressing issues caused by the missing part?
  • And then, time also equates to missed opportunity! In many instances, aviation business managers and decision makers spend countless hours a month addressing component sourcing challenges. A text message here, an email there, a couple of quick phone calls, a face-to-face Skype meeting…it all adds up. Think of the new business you and your staff could have pursued in that time, were it not spent tracking down hard-to-locate parts? The thing about missed opportunities is: They’re never missed – someone else (your competitor?) grabs them!

So, while we do acknowledge that time is money, there’s more to time than just dollars and cents. Sometimes, when we’re hot on the tracks of a made-to-order component or a long-discoed part, we lose sight of the fact that time is everything – from cost savings to excess cost, and from delayed projects to missed opportunities.

Make the most of your time…and your money

Because time does mean everything in today’s digital age, more and more aviation businesses are looking to make the most of it. And how are they doing that? By turning to specialist aviation parts and component sourcing companies, like PowerPackPlus (PPP), for help. So, what value might such companies offer?

  • You have a business to manage and operate, and your staff have other pressing tasks to tend to. Delegating the task of locating hard-to-come-by parts to specialist parts locators leaves you and your staff with more time to run your business


  • Cultivating an elaborate network of component sources takes time – which ultimately translates to money! So, why invest money building such a network, when you can partner with aviation component and parts specialists that already have such networks? They do this as their primary – and only – job, so you may benefit from the time and money they’ve invested. Why not leverage their investment to your advantage?


  • When it comes to scarce components and hard to source parts, typically, aviation business operators, mechanics and maintenance shops play it safe. Because of the extraordinary amounts of time and resources it takes to locate such components, they’ll maintain an in-house stock – which ties up a lot of working capital. So, if someone said you don’t need to tie up all that money in parts – because we either have them in stock or will source them for you on an as-needed basis – what would you say?

Well, most business owners would gleefully say: Sure, why not! And you could promptly reallocate capital, previously tied to parts and component inventory, to other aspects of your business.

Parts sourcing companies make a living by stocking and sourcing overhauled, repaired, and otherwise serviceable inventory of back-ordered, discontinued and made-to-order items and other aviation components and parts. If you, as an aviation business operator – whether you charter, own, repair or maintain aircraft – want to make the most of your time and money, one way to do that is to work with a trusted industry parts and component locators.


Your source of hard-to-source parts

Here at PowerPacksPlus, we strive to be your single window source of difficult to find aviation parts and components. Whether it’s a specialty, one-of-a-kind made-to order component, something that’s been on backorder for months, or one that’s discontinued by the OEM – we’ll get it for you! It doesn’t matter what make, model or vintage of aircraft you own, operate or service – Beechcraft single/multi, Bellanca, Cessna, Piper, Rockwell or Socata – if you’re in search for Power Packs, we’re here to support you.

Need other components for these and other aircraft? A/C compressors, Gauges, Valves, Motors, Fuel Pumps? No matter what the component is – If we don’t already have it in inventory, we’ll source it for you. If there’s a source anywhere in the world, that has the part you’re looking for, our component sourcing specialists will unearth it and secure the part for you.

So, how do we do it? The short answer – experience and expertise!

With more than three decades in the parts locating business, our sourcing specialists have deep links within the global aviation components industry. From OEMs and licensed manufacturers, to refurbishing operations and repair shops – our extensive network covers them all. That’s how we’ve evolved into one of the most resourceful aviation parts locating company in the business.

If time indeed means everything to you, why not contact us and see how we might save time, money and lost opportunity for your business!