The aviation business is all about quality. For aircraft safety, reliability and comfort therefore, you need to source not just a high-quality maintenance crew, but also equally high-quality components to match. Regardless of how well-trained an engineer is, if he/she only has low-quality, unreliable parts to work with, the results of their efforts will be equally poor.

Providing your maintenance crew with high-quality parts is equal part art as it is a science. Aircraft owners, be they industrial, commercial or personal craft, must not overlook this fact when building an aircraft parts and components sourcing strategy.

In search of quality online

The search for components typically starts online. Busy sourcing specialists may think a quick Google search will save them tones of time working the phones or sending emails to hundreds of air craft parts and component suppliers. And that’s where the art saves the day. Knowing what to search for will help get you what you need – correct?

Well – not exactly! When you’re racing against time, looking for a long-discoed part, a unique made-to-order component or a typically hard-to-find module, it’s hard to distill 362-million search results to source precisely what you need!

Well, a good online search artist could easily cut down that volume by doing a creative online search couldn’t they?

Not entirely true! Even if you refine your search by including more specific keywords – like “high quality” – you’ll likely end up with an unmanageable list to comb through. How do you choose a reliable sourcing partner from a list of 160-million names? It’s humanly impossible.

Finding high-quality online

When looking for high-quality aircraft components and parts online, it’s often more effective to use a scientific approach to find the right partner, and then apply the art of working jointly with your supplier to get what you need – when you need it. And to do that, you won’t need 362-million, 160-million or even a hundred choices. The only place to turn to, when looking for high-quality components and parts is PowerPackPlus (PPP).

Sourcing discontinued parts online can be a real challenge. Finding custom-manufactured made-to-order parts through Google searches is nearly impossible. Securing back-ordered components on your own can be a nightmare. However, The extensive and painstakingly-curated PowerPacksPlus inventory database makes the art of finding the right part online that much simpler.

Google-searching online for A/C compressors, Electric Motors, Horizon Indicators, Hydraulic Pumps, Landing Gears, Fuel Injection Servos or Stall Warning components requires scientific knowledge of part specs and intended usage. And the science gets more complex when you add multiple aircraft to the mix – Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper or Grumman. But with a seasoned aircraft components sourcing partner like PPP working with you, highly knowledgeable staff turn that science into art form to get you the high-quality components you want for the right application.

Make the best of high-quality

So, instead of scouring the internet and trying to build a sourcing network of your own, why not leverage the years of experience and hard work already available. Contact PowerPackPlus with your aircraft component needs, and watch the team bring art and science together to source high-quality components that exceed your expectations.